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Maryland transit authority to give blacks youths discounted passes if they promise to behave. News Team

Many Baltimore public school students ride city buses to get to school. The vast majority of them are black.

Before 1954, Baltimore had separate schools for whites and blacks. The Baltimore public school system was a national leader in technical and college preparatory classes.

Today Baltimore’s public schools are almost all black and they lead the nation in drop out rates, violence, and truancy. Recently a public school official suggested that students be paid if they got good grades.

From Baltimore Sun…

Maryland Transit Administration officials are offering discount cards for area businesses to students who pledge good behavior on city buses, an incentive that transit administrators hope will help curb disrespectful and violent behavior.

The discount card will offer 10 percent to 20 percent off purchases at 12 city establishments, including Dunkin’ Donuts, Cold Stone Creamery, Shoe City, Downtown Locker Room and other places.

MTA administrators registered students for the first time yesterday at the Johns Hopkins Metro Station, where about 100 took the pledge, according to spokeswoman Jawauna Greene.

This summer, MTA drivers will attend various festivals to register students, including the African American Heritage Festival, Artscape and the state fair, as well as Baltimore public schools events.

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