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Miami to hire Nation of Islam "rent-a-cops" to patrol black slums. News Team

The “no snitching” ethos of the blacks slums and the reluctance of black jurors to convict has crippled crime fighting in black neighborhoods across the country.

Ironic that an organization with a legacy of violence, murder, and death would be picked to participate in law enforcement.

The “Fruit of Islam,” Louis Farrakhan’s uniformed wing of the Nation of Islam trains in martial arts. The “Fruit of Islam” have been employed by other cities, black entertainers, and even Barack Obama’s pastor has hired them. One former “Fruit of Islam” who served as Louis Farrakhan’s personal bodyguard during the Million Man march became a serial killer known as the “DC Sniper.”

Together with a teenage illegal immigrant from Jamaica whom he was likely having a homosexual affair with, John Allen Muhammed confessed to the murder of 16 people across several states. At least two others were wounded in attempted murders, including a 13 year old boy. Police believe there may have been even more victims. The apprehension of Muhammed was hampered by black DC Police Chief Moose, who stated over and over that the suspect was a white man. Eventually the United States military intervened and the pair was caught.

Notes left behind by Muhammed made cryptic references to Nation of Islam’s theology, which holds that Allah will use black people as the instruments of his wrath and exterminate all whites in North America. His underage companion testified in court that the pair wanted to start a country exclusively for racially pure blacks in North America and hoped to kill as many non-blacks as possible.

Incredibly, this is not the worst serial killing connected to the Nation of Islam. In the 1970’s a group of black Muslims formed a Nation of Islam splinter group called the Death Angels. The Death Angels held meetings in a San Fransisco business owned by the Nation of Islam. They awarded points for the murder of white people. They favored easy targets such as elderly, prostitutes, and homeless. A group of Death Angels went to prison for 16 murders and 8 more attempted murders. Informants told police that many more murders were carried out and dozens of unsolved murders in the bay area are attributed to the Death Angels, which police call the “Zebra Killings.”

San Fransisco police believe that the Zebra Killings include 71 victims, making them the worst serial killers in US history. A former Bay area police lieutenant was a speaker at the 2007 CofCC National Conference to talk about the Zebra Killings. The Zebra killings are possibly the single most covered up, media-censored up event in recent American history.