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Nations top Black College has white valedictorian. News Team

Just what was Art Packwood trying to prove? He was accepted to Ivy League schools, but instead choose to go to Morehouse. An all male black college, considered to be the top black college in the nation. He majored in “black studies.”

Packwood claims he saw “a different side of black America,” and dated black women.

Packwood was elected dorm president his freshman year, served on student council, and was a male model at campus fashion shows.

Now the liberal do-gooder has won the resentment of the black student body for becoming valedictorian.

From CNN…

“They approached me and said, ‘Yeah, I have a problem with you being valedictorian. I know you’ve earned it and even though I know you on a personal level – I like you a lot – but it disturbs me that out of roughly 3,000 black men – there’s not one that’s done as well as or better than you academically,’ ” says Packwood.

Still, the majority of students told CNN that he earned his accolades and they stand behind him. Some say, if anything, Packwood’s academic success should serve as a lesson to his fellow students.

“I think that it should be a wake-up call to an all black campus,” says Muhammad. “At Morehouse we’re supposed to be at the top as black men. We only have a few white students and to see a white student will rise to this – is something unsettling to me because it shows that we need to work harder.”

Campus administrators say that black or white, Packwood’s experience is consistent with the school’s mission: to produce future leaders.

“I think some of our alumni are a little nervous about a white student graduating from Morehouse with all of its rich history for producing African-American male leaders. But I don’t think it’s contradictory at all,” says Sterling Hudson, the dean of admissions.

Packwood says his younger brother is also planning to attend Morehouse.