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New Jersey Department of Revenue worse than the mafia. News Team

(by Kyle Rogers)

We reported in the past about the Virginia’s plan to charge people up to $3,000 over a multi-year period for speeding tickets. The state legislature justified the amount by saying it was need to close budget gaps.

Not to be outdone, the staff of is informed that the New Jersey Department of Revenue began a mafia style “tax” of companies doing business with public schools. Starting in September 1st, 2004 the State issued a rule that any purchase made by a New Jersey School Board, must be from a company that has registered with the New Jersey Department of Revenue.

It is common for School boards to order supplies from out of state all the time, from chemistry beakers to American flags for the classrooms. Now the school boards must call suppliers out of state and tell them that they must register with the NJ Dept. of Revenue before they can place an order. The schools are even given an official government form that they can fax to suppliers explaining that they must “register.” When the business requests the paper work they are hit with a surprise $125 shakedown. They can either pay the “extortion” money or forgo doing business with the school.

In this way the NJ Dept. of Revenue is shaking down companies all over the United States, not just in New Jersey itself and public schools are forced to be accomplishes.

Our founding fathers like Washington and Jefferson would be ashamed!