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New right-wing government of Rome to shun leftist Hollywood celebrities. News Team

Gianni Alemanno, a member of the right-wing Italian National Alliance, and the new mayor of Rome wants to shun Hollywood celebrities in favor of local Italian film stars.

From UK Times Online…

“I believe we need to promote Italian films rather than Hollywood stars,” he declared last week. One of his campaign slogans was: “Alemanno – for less cinema and more security.” He has appointed Pasquale Squitieri, 69, a veteran director of spaghetti westerns, who lives with screen legend Claudia Cardinale, 70, to “give us a hand to promote our cinema”.

Squitieri made the film Claretta about Mussolini’s mistress Clara Petacci, who was shot with the dictator in 1945 and hanged upside down alongside him.

Last week he said there was precious little for Italy’s film industry to celebrate.

Italian films have not won an Oscar for best foreign film since Roberto Benigni’s Holocaust comedy-drama Life Is Beautiful in 1999.

“Italian cinema used to be in great shape, now it doesn’t exist any more. So what are we celebrating? Nicole Kidman and Leonardo DiCaprio?” he asked.

George Clooney is also unlikely to be welcomed back to Rome; he warmly praised Alemanno’s centre-left-wing predecessor, the failed presidential candidate Walter Veltroni.