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Rampage in South Africa. Zimbabweans and others attacked. News Team

At least 42 people have been killed and more than 25,000 driven from their homes in 12 days of attacks by South African blacks against black immigrants. Reuters News agency insinuates that white people are to blame.

Photo Left and Below: Black South Africans rampage through illegal alien squatter towns.

(by Kyle Rogers)

South Africans, primarily Zulus, rampaged through Zimbabwean, Somali, Mozambique, and other immigrant communities. In the past Zulu militias have battled with ANC supporters.

The ANC began receiving money and weapons from the Soviet Union around 1961 and carried out terrorist attacks for decades. It’s members tend to be black South African’s without tribal affiliations and Xhosa tribal members. ANC supporters tend to support a Marxist and anti-white ideology. ANC supporters have battled with members of the South Africa’s tribes, especially the Zulu who are the traditional enemy of the Xhosa.

In 1994, the ANC took over South Africa with a coalition government that included the South African Communist Party and the Congress of South African Trade Unions. The Lesoth and Swazi tribes split off and formed separate countries using land given to the tribes by the former white controlled Apartheid [meaning “a piece of everyone”] government. The Zulu were forced to remain part of South Africa. Since the ANC takeover, South Africa has been a world leader in rapes and murders. The infrastructure has completely collapsed in many areas.

Violence against African refugees from neighboring countries is common. Zimbabweans have suffered attacks and murders for months by supporters of Mugabe in South Africa. They accuse those who fled Zimbabwe of being disloyal to the Marxist, anti-white dictator.

The most recent widespread violence appears to be motivated largely by competition for jobs. Refugee camps were attacked. In Cape Town, Somali and Malawi shop keepers were attacked, their shops looted and burnt.

Also of interest; In 1949, members of the Zulu tribe went on a rampage attacking members of South Africa’s Indian community. Dozens were killed, and the former home of Mahatma Ghandi was torched. In 1985 there was a second, smaller anti-Indian riot. Many Indians left for India after that. Uganda forcefully expelled their Indian population around the same time.

Read this article from Reuters and notice the absurd insinuations that white people are somehow to blame. This article reminds me of the movie Blood Diamond. On one hand, the movie show the brutality that is common place throughout Africa. Characters in the movie use the phrase, “TIA, this is Africa” to refer to the constant violence. However, the dialog in the movie subtly suggests that some how, some way white people must be to blame.