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Rash of anti-white crime escalates to murder. News Team

Young woman is killed in vicious racially motivated murder just blocks from her home and in front of multiple eyewitnesses.

Dawn Lynn Shipley was cruelly shot and killed by a black man in the latest of a long string of racially motivated murders of young white women by black men in the US recently. She was shot on a street corner in public while with her boyfriend. Witness say his only words were “give me a cigarette.” The victim replied “no,” and she was shot and killed.

The mainstream is completely ignoring this crime. The local press is refusing to even mention that the murderer was black. has reported in the past that the media often covers up black crime by omitting the race of the perpetrator. Recently the Los Angeles Times publicly admitted to doing this on a routine basis.

A Baltimore resident tells that residents in this this majority white neighbor have seen a rash of black on white crimes and had made several requests for security cameras. The city of Baltimore has installed permanent security cameras all over Baltimore, but requests for cameras in this neighborhood have been ignored.

While the constitutional nature of security cameras are questionable, security cameras in England have in fact caught numerous acts of anti-white violence on tape as has reported in the past.