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Revisiting Reconstruction

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

The tragic era that followed the War Between the States used to be viewed through a unified prism by most historians and peoples of every walk of life. The prostrate South was set upon by a combination of unscrupulous carpetbaggers, betrayed by scalawags, and turned over to the whims of freed slaves while the rest were disenfranchised. Stevens, Sumner, Stanton, and their colleagues were rightfully viewed as rogues deserving not one ounce of sympathy or admiration. Thus was the case until the beginning’s of America’s Cultural Revolution in the 1950’s.

Since the time of Brown v. Board of Education we have seen the history of Reconstruction distorted to fit a Marxist point of view which saw the era as part of the struggle of blacks against discrimination. Left out are the stories of looting, rape, murder, and the disintegration of many states into corrupt anarchy sanctioned by the politicians in DC. Instead of shame at these excesses, our students today are taught that the real shame is that the federal power in Washington was not more aggressive in oppressing the South on behalf of the blacks. The DC/NAACP/ADL axis didn’t make that same mistake again as we know all too well. Constitutional liberty, federalism, and states rights were sacrificed on the altar of equality in a manner sure to make the descendants of Marx, Lenin, and Adorno most proud.

Some may ask what this has to do with what we are facing today. Everything. We are seeing history repeat itself- throughout the entire country and not just the Southern states. A corrupt national authority has forsaken the rights of the founding stock of this nation in favor of everyone else. As they reinvent our nation, they have reinvented our history to portray this nation as one founded and sustained on racist due proper atonement. Nevermind that these folks will bankrupt and destroy the whole country in the process… so long as white left wingers feel better about themselves.

What is to be done, we ask? First we must remember and recapture our past. The men and women of the South who redeemed the whole region from Radical Republican rule were all heroes who deserve our lauding and our thanks. Second, we must never be sorry for who we are as a people, for we have the blood of European-Americans running through our veins, the greatest civilization to have set foot on this continent.

Lastly, we must organize politically and speak out without fear for only when we speak through a unified and active movement can we hope to redeem America and take it back. It has been done before, my friends, and under far worse circumstances then anything we have faced. We owe our ancestors nothing less then to try.