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Right-wing to make huge gains in Norway. News Team

Socialist Norway may be coming to an end. Opinion polls shows that 45% or more of Norwegians will cast their ballot for either the right-wing Progress Party or the center-right Conservative Party.

The Progress party hopes to elect Siv Jensen as the next Prime Minister of Norway. The party wants an end to socialism and the Norwegian welfare state. They call for decentralizing the federal government and for cultural conservative principals.

Two centrist parties who also hold seats in parliament are holding their own. The Christian Democrats and the Center Party.

The current ruling coalition of three left-wing socialist parties is only commanding a combined total of 36% in opinion polls. Meaning that a coalition of conservatives will likely form the next government of Norway.

Voters site rising taxes, despite a decline in the quality of services, as a main reason for changing their support. The decline of services is always an inevitability in socialist/communist countries.