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Sen. Lindsey Graham crushed in major Republican straw poll. Continous Election Coverage 2008

Greenville County South Carolina has more Republican voters than any other county in South Carolina. The Greenville GOP held a straw poll at the Greenville Republican Stump Rally in which Lindsey “The Pink elephant” Graham was crushed by right-wing challenger Dr. Buddy Witherspoon over the weekend.

According to the Greenville GOP, “it was not even close.”

Lindsey Graham has been campaigning out of state with John McCain, rather than campaign for his primary in South Carolina. Graham makes very few public appearances for fear of being protested. In April 26th, 2006 the South Carolina CofCC organized a rally against the Senate Amnesty bill in the parking lot of Lindsey Graham’s downtown Greenville office in which over 1,000 people attended.