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Spike Lee attacks Clint Eastwood for not including fictional black heroes in movie. News Team

Photo Left: Mythological claims about the accomplishments of the all black Tuskegee Airmen were recently exposed all fabrications when historians actually researched the claims for a high profile award ceremony last year.

The re-writing of history to suit race hustlers.
by Kyle Rogers

The push is on to create fictional black WWII heroes. “Spike” Lee, a race hustling movie director who’s fame is based mainly on the fact that he is black, attacked Clint Eastwood for not putting fictitious black heroes in his WWII movies.

However, Lee’s true motive is to promote his own Afro-Mythology film on WWII. Spike Lee has directed a movie titled, “Miracle at St Anna” which portrays fictional accomplishments of the all black 92nd Buffalo Division in Italy. Spike Lee is playing the race card to shamelessly promote his new movie. reported in the past about how mythological accomplishments of the all-black Tuskegee Airmen were exposed as total fabrications.

Cultural Marxists and race hustlers are now claiming that the all black Units of the 92nd Buffalo Division saved the day in Italy during WWII.

In reality, the all black units were only sent into combat late in the war to fight the severely diminished German Army in Northern Italy. They were only used to attack enemy positions after white soldiers had battered the Germans down for months. They were not even deployed overseas until the end of September in 1944, three and a half months after D-Day. They primarily served by participating in patrols along with segregated units from British and French colonies in Africa.

The Division was used twice against the last line of German defenses in Northern Italy late in the war. The so-called Gothic Line. The use of the black troops was supposed to have been a propaganda move to make the black soldiers look good. By this time the Germans were down to poorly outfitted draftees, and their defenses were wearing down fast. Both times the black units fled in disarray and suffered huge disproportionate casualties by the rag-tag remnant of the German army.

The move was similar to Civil War battles in which Union Generals were ordered by the Lincoln administration to use black soldiers. The results were usually a disaster. During the Battle of the Crater, Union Generals received orders demanding that black troops be used in an assault. The black soldiers fell into disarray and the Union lines fell apart leading to a major late war Confederate victory in which the Union suffered 5 casualties for every 1 Confederate.

Another example was made into a movie staring Morgan Freeman called Glory. Two white Union regiments in a row were ordered to charge Fort Moultrie. A black unit was in third, in hopes that the Fort would not survive a third assault and create a chance for a propaganda victory for black union soldiers. Instead, half the black regiment was annihilated by starving, shoeless Confederates who had to scavenge gun powder off dead Yankees just to fire their Muskets.

During the Congressional debate on the integration of the Armed Forces, several US Generals testified on the disastrous performance of the black soldiers in Italy. They said that it would be wrong to place blacks in combat units with whites, because they would not perform at the same level as the whites.

Today the role of blacks in the US military more closely mirrors the Confederate Army than an “integrated” force. Very few black Confederate participated in combat. They served as teamsters, laborers, cooks, and the like.

Today the United State armed forces are disproportionately black. Most estimates claim the armed forces are 20% or more black despite making up about 12.5% of the population as a hole. However, the Elite combat forces, aviators, and high-tech oriented jobs have only token numbers of blacks. Among non-combat service oriented jobs it is not uncommon to see units in the Army that are half black. This despite a massive 60 year effort to “integrate” the military which is still going strong today. I remember about seven or eight years ago when the Commandant of the United States Marine Corps was viciously attacked on national television simply for stating that blacks have trouble passing the marksmanship and the swimming tests at boot camp.

It seems people tend to go to positions that they are most suited for. Why not let blacks serve in ways they are most suited. Why do we have to “integrate” and make up fictional stories about black war heroes that never existed to justify it? Only a tiny percentage of white men would ever be able to qualify to be a Navy Seal. So if an even much smaller percentage of blacks are suitable to be a Navy Seal, why is that such a terrible thing to admit?

Might I remind everyone of the Battle of Blood River in which 146 Dutch farmers armed with muskets and two cannons were attacked by 10,000 Zulus and the Zulu army was crushed?