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This is Africa. News Team

Trouble in Africa’s “Rainbow Country.”

Anti-foreigner riots continue. South Africa deploys military to quell riots. Mozambique citizens threaten retaliation against South Africans. Some Zimbabweans attacked by Mugabe supporters as they return to Zimbabwe to flee violence in South Africa. The International Red Cross is currently busing 25,000 Zimbabwean to camps in Zambia to shield them from violence. Thousands more Zimbabwean remain huddled at South African police stations.

South African president and Robert Mugabe supporter, Mbeki wants a major Zimbabwean opposition figure to leave the country knowing full well that Mugabe supporters will try to kill him if he returns to Zimbabwe. South Africa had lobbied the UN not to intervene in Zimbabwe calling Mugabe a “domestic issue.” Now Zimbabwe’s “domestic issues” and a full scale regional conflict.

From UK Telegraph…

More than 20,000 Mozambicans have fled back across the border following the wave of xenophobic attacks on migrants which left at least 52 dead, hundreds injured and many thousands homeless.

For several days, pamphlets and e-mails circulating in Maputo have been calling on Mozambicans to avenge the attacks on their countrymen by stoning vehicles with South African registration plates, boycotting South African owned shops and businesses and besieging the South African High Commission in the capital.

Jacob Zuma, the ANC leader and Mr Mbeki’s likely successor, was greeted by a hostile audience of township dwellers when he spoke at Daveyton east of Johannesburg. He was shouted down from the floor by residents claiming that foreigners had stolen jobs, bribed their way to subsidized housing benefits and caused crime.

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