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Two black 13 year olds charged in attempted rape of assistant principal. News Team

From Baltimore Sun…

A staff member at Calverton Elementary/Middle was putting in extra hours at the West Baltimore school Sunday afternoon when two 13-year-old boys broke into the building and one tried to rape her, police confirmed yesterday.

Realizing that her attacker was unarmed, police said, the woman fought back, and both the boys – identified as students at the school – fled. When they returned for class Monday, they were arrested and charged as juveniles with attempted first-degree rape, attempted robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and trespassing, police said.

The attack highlighted continuing concerns about city students attacking staff members, and it raised new worries about the safety of the many city administrators and teachers who work in their buildings beyond school hours. While students have attacked staff members more than 100 times this academic year and one assault on a teacher was recently publicized on national news, this is the year’s first case of an attempted sexual assault against a staff member, officials said.

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