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UK Prime Minister orders English to hang flags. News Team

The extreme left-wing in Britain has been demanding the removal of English flags, saying they “offended immigrants.” However, the Prime Minister of Great Britain has issued an “order” for the English to bring out their flags for St. George’s day.

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For the first time in recent memory the flag of St George will be flown over 10 Downing Street to mark the day of England’s patron saint.

The red-and-white banner will be raised following a review of flag-flying practices ordered by Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Mr Brown is encouraging all UK Government buildings in England which have two flagpoles to fly the English national flag alongside the Union flag, said the Prime Minister’s spokesman.

Where only one pole is available, the Union flag – which has precedence over national flags – should be displayed.

According to protocol, the Union flag should be flown on the “superior” pole, which is deemed to be the one closest to Buckingham Palace.

The only recent occasion when the flag of St George has been flown over Number 10 was during the 2006 World Cup, a spokesman said.

He confirmed that, following the completion last month of the consultation on flag-flying, Number 10 will in future fly the Scottish Saltire and the Welsh dragon on those countries’ saint’s days. Northern Ireland does not have an official national flag, and so the same practice will not apply on St Patrick’s Day.