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14 killed in LA County in one weekend. News Team

Black and Hispanic gangs wage war with each other. LA turning into Mexico City.

From LA Times…

Violence on the streets of Los Angeles County took 14 lives this weekend, underscoring the struggles of local law enforcement in dealing with a rise in homicides this year.

Most of the weekend homicides were described by authorities as gang-related. They occurred across the county but were concentrated in areas known for high crime rates [media codespeak for majority black and Hispanic areas] , such as South L.A. and the northeast San Fernando Valley.

In the city of Los Angeles, homicides are up 8% over the previous year. But violent crime overall is down 6%. The number of shootings has dropped 11% and shots fired are down 24%, LAPD officials said.

The number of killings over the weekend is not unprecedented, but it is greater than the county’s homicide rate, which averages two to three a day.

Many of the names of the dead were not available from the coroner’s office. Only one person has been arrested.