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2008: Not a Dime's Worth of Difference

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

It goes without saying that George Wallace was right about the Democrats and the Republicans when he said there wasn’t a dimes worth of difference between them. Despite all the efforts of the media to portray the battle between McCain and Obama as a clash of polar opposites, all of us know that nothing could be further from the truth. Whether it is trade, gun control, global warming, or the Third World Invasion; the two choices put foward by the Republicans and Democrats might as well be named MVP for the Council of Foreign Relations and all the globalists who populate the regime in Washington.

None of us can deny what the purpose of NAFTA was when it was passed. It was the first step in binding us to permanent transnational economic regimes that would forever abridge our sovereignty. John McCain was and still is NAFTA’s most bullish supporter despite all evidence pointing towards it’s terrible consequences for Middle America. Before his venture into the Democratic primary Barack Obama too was supportive of NAFTA and only started voicing reservations when Hillary started cleaning his clock in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Now with the nomination won, Obama is once again voicing his support of free trade. It is a choice that is no choice for us and I somehow feel that the Constitution Party will be doing alot better this year then in 2004.

Perhaps the most damaging similarity between the two candidates is their desire to legalize the invasion of our country by Latin America. Despite the pair’s assertions that they care about the environment, they care not that illegal aliens have turned Los Angeles into a Third World cesspool, fresh with chickens roaming the backyards of our uninvited guests. Most ominously it comes at a time when the states, including McCain’s own Arizona, are cracking down on the invasion on the local level to the point that illegal aliens are fleeing Arizona, Oklahoma, Georgia, and parts of Virginia and the Carolinas. It will take a monumental effort to block an amnesty next year, and we had best gird ourselves for that assault no matter who is president.

It is perhaps all too ironic that at a time when this nation needs true leadership the most, we are to be saddled with two of the worst candidates to ever be put forth by either party. While we must vote for neither one of these two, we must remain engaged and elect folks on the lower ballots to stand up for us since neither McCain or Obama will. While this nation is to be made to suffer thanks to the “conservative” movement, it is up to us to be a part of shaping the politics of the right wing in years to come. Then maybe next time they will actually listen to what we have to say, and then and only then can they win and actually give us a dimes worth of difference.