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AP conceals race of perpetrators in racially motivated shooting. News Team

AP doctors story and crops video to distort and hide racial motivation in Cleveland shooting. has reported numerous times how the media deliberately conceals the identity of black and Hispanic perpetrators in crime stories. The Los Angeles Time even publicly admitted on their website that they omit the race of non-white perpetrators from news items to “avoid stigmatizing any one group.”

Here we see a case in which a white-looking Eurasian man from Uzbekistan is attacked by a mob of blacks and then shot several times. The AP story distorts the events by suggesting that it might have been an anti-Muslim “hate crime.” The AP calls the perpetrators, a “group of men.” Viewers are left with the impression that a group of Muslim hating white guys shot him.

In reality the vicious assault was committed by black thugs who simply wanted to attack someone was not not the same race as them. The perpetrators most likely viewed their target as a white man, not a Muslim Uzbek.

[youtube qvpJiytm-Ls]

Now watch this CNN video. You will immediately see that AP cropped the video to hide images of the perpetrators, and completely left out any images from a second camera that showed the perpetrators approaching the gas station. Since the predators are still on the loose, AP is not only being deliberately deceitful, they are hurting the chances of the perpetrators being caught by not letting the public see who they are.

Watch CNN video.