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Are blacks becoming more hostile towards whites? News Team

Originally posted February 12th, 2008

Today in St. Charles, MO two CofCC members were on a date together in a nice tavern which normally has all white patrons. Two very large black male thugs enter the establishment, sat at the bar, and begin yelling out profanities and threats at white customers. The restaurant owners called the police.

However, before the police arrived, the large thugs assaulted a while couple as they were entering the establishment and then fled before police arrived. The primary victim in this racially motivated assault was a young man who required seven stitches to his face.

St. Charles, MO is short distance from Kirkwood where a black man went on a racially motivated rampage killing two police officers and three city officials just days ago.

The St. Louis, MO CofCC chapter believes that black men have become more aggressive and more hostile towards whites in recent days. In light of comments make by local blacks defending or praising the Kirkwood murderer, it is possible that these killings have emboldened local blacks to be more aggressive in their hatred of white people.

However, they also feel that the success of the Obama campaign might be emboldening blacks to be more aggressive and hostile towards white on a national scale.

Have you noticed any increase in hostility against white by blacks in your area? This entry is being opened up to comments from the public.