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Black mob brutally attacks whites near Detroit. News Team

A mob of 20-30 young blacks blocked traffic, smashed the window of a minivan occupied by three whites, then brutally beat two male passengers. One, Andy Kauffman is in serious condition with a fractured skull.

Police say the mob of blacks thugs was also responsible for at least two other assaults the same day.

The “mainstream” media refuses to mention that the attackers were black or discuss the racial nature of the assaults.

From Macomb Daily…

Meanwhile, sheriff’s deputies were called to a Marathon gas station on North Gratiot about 30 minutes later to respond to a call of a fight progress.

At the gas station a man was beaten and robbed of his cell phone and wallet, Hackel said. The victim was not seriously hurt.

On Sunday, workers at the gas station said the man was confronted near a pay telephone. When the gas station attendant saw what was happening, he locked the front door. An employee said workers had to wash the man’s blood from the door Sunday.

Police also are investigating to see whether a similar incident at Rec Bowl on Crocker Boulevard may be related to the same group of attackers.

“We had a rash of similar incidents all within about an hour’s time frame,” Hackel said. “There is a carnival going on at Gibraltar Trade Center which is where we believe the this group had been congregating before the trouble broke out.”

Police said four suspects were taken into custody on charges of disorderly conduct. Investigators want to talk with anyone who may have information on the incidents.