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Black youths battle it out at public pool. News Team

Armed guards and video cameras aren’t enough to suppress mob violence at public pool in Watts. It only took two days for a mob of 30 black youths to attack a lifeguard and other staff members.

The battle began when workers saw that the water had become so dirty, that they required everyone to get out to bring the water back to a safe level of cleanliness. The mob refused saying, “this is our pool,” and began assaulting people.

The pool has a history of violence. Youths from rival public housing projects battle for control of the pool. Workers are threatened or attacked whenever the pool is shut down for safety reasons. has reported in the past about how every single big box grocery store in Detroit has been forced to close down due to rampant theft and violence inside the stores. Will public swimming pools in black neighborhoods soon disappear as well.

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