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Drunk Driving in Mexico. News Team

Illegal Aliens kill 12 people a day in the United States in traffic-related deaths. Most caused by the illegal driving drunk.

In a Mexican city near the US border, a drunk driver plowed into a bicycle race killing one and injuring ten. News of the accident hit close to home in the US, where illegal aliens from Mexico driving drunk are killing Americans by the dozens.

From Western Voices World News…

The incident highlights the US epidemic of fatal accidents resulting from impaired Hispanic drivers, most of whom are illegal aliens and thus often unlicensed and without insurance. Hispanic impaired driving far outpaces the problem in other demographic groups; in North Carolina alone, Hispanic DUIs were three times the rate of non-Hispanics in 2005, and the trend is reflected all across the United States.

Some experts have claimed that the DUI problem has roots in Hispanic culture, and some Hispanics themselves claim that driving after a few drinks is “normal.” Certainly the large number per capita of macho young males among the illegal alien population has some effect on the numbers, as well as the lawless mentality of people whose very presence in the United States flouts the law.

Like many other aspects of illegal immigration, the toll of illegal alien drunk driving is a “quality of life” issue never factored in to the various economic arguments advanced in favor of open borders. But the real cost has been devastating: whole families have been wiped out, men, women and children killed and the lives of survivors ruined by these heartbreaking, preventable tragedies.

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