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Free Enterprise will save the evironment, not big government. News Team

Photo Right: While total frauds like Al Gore are making tens of millions on speaking tours, Former 3 term New York Governor Pataki is actually helping to solve environmental problems in the free market.

(by Kyle Rogers)

While Democrats pass crippling restrictions, prohibitions, and regulations in the name of “protecting the evironment,” the market place continues to come up with solutions that don’t cost the taxpayers anything.

Former three term Republic governor of New York, Pataki is a member of the Perf Go Green [PGOG] board of directors. This is the perfect example of what men like Congressman Ron Paul have been talking about. PGOG will begin selling 100% biodegradable plastic bags at major online retailers any day now. They plan to have their product in major chain stores starting August.

All of their plastic products decompose in two years, as opposed to normal plastic bags which can take hundreds of years. The products are winning awards and acclaim.

Don’t buy into the “only the government can save the earth nonsense.” New “Green” technologies are being patented rapidly and will be hitting the market over the next few years. Including the 2011 Chevy Volt which promises to deliver about 75 miles to the gallon or more depending how long you drive it at a time.

I feel so strongly in Perf Go Green, that I bought some of their stock which began trading last month.

Visit the Perf Go Green Website.