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By Chuck Baldwin

It seems to me that far too many people in our country overlook the importance of child rearing. Many seem to feel that just about everything else–job, career, money, “success,” etc.–occupies a higher priority than raising honest, God-fearing children. However, Connie and I decided years ago that raising our children would be a priority in our lives, and boy, we are glad we did!

I’ll say it straight out: it does not take a village to raise kids; it takes loving and courageous parents. Parents who are not afraid to discipline their children (yes, Martha, I mean old fashioned spanking: applying the board of education to the seat of knowledge); parents who are willing to spend time teaching their children right from wrong; parents who will take–not send–their children to church; parents who will pray with their children; parents who care more about truth and right than they do about being well-liked or politically correct; parents who will teach their kids to say “Yes, Sir,” and “Yes, Ma’am”; parents who are not afraid to say “No” to their children; dads who think it is more important that they be a father to their sons than a “buddy”; and moms who would rather their daughters had pure hearts than popular friends.

Good families can preserve liberty and independence, fight off totalitarianism, resist corporate elitism, and promote faith and virtue. Good families are the backbone of our country’s greatness, and the lack of good families will be the cause of our country’s fall from greatness. And who knows? At this very moment, mothers and fathers across America could be nurturing and training the next generation of patriots who will rise up and restore the principles of liberty and greatness to our land? I will tell you this: if parents do not do it, no one else can.

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