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The CofCC is holding meetings and conducting activism in Redlands, CA, Boston, MA, and much of the country in between. We are a real network of activists, not a DC fundraising organization. In fact, 25% of your yearly dues goes directly to fund your local chapter if one exists. Isn’t it time that you joined?


Join Today online via credit card for only $25.00. All new members will receive a free DVD on the history of the Frankurt School. You will also receive a subscription to the Citizen’s Informer, various mailings, and a membership card. Also, 25% of your dues goes directly to finance local activism.

For more information click here. Become part of the largest conservative activist group in the United States!

Listen to a recording of CofCC CEO Gordon Baum, Esq. on the Political Cesspool radio show, from Tuesday, June 26th. Click Here. There is a few minutes of silence at the beginning of the recording.