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Large battling black mobs becoming more common. News Team

Culture of entitlements and violence seems to define the black community.

June 20th, 150-200 young blacks battled it out outside a public housing complex in Michigan. The media described it as a “neighborhood wide fight.” The fighting escalated to gunshots. An 18 year old female victim killed, and two other girls aged 16 and 18 were injured with gunshot wounds. When police arrived they encountered 200 black resident in a state of “near riot.” The cops were nearly attacked by the mob. Police detained nine people believed to have been involved in the shootings.

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Housing official says all three gunshot victims are innocent bystanders. Read Article.

June 23rd. Hundreds of blacks beat each other in a stampede to apply for “free food vouchers” from FEMA in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Forty squad cars had to be deployed to the seen to break up the fights.

This weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana between 60-100 black teens rioted and battled each other at a shopping mall. Then began battling security guards and police. The mall keeps 20 security guards on duty at all times due to re-occurring black mob violence. Twenty black teens were arrested.

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