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Lindsey Graham=John McCain's Toady

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

Since time immortal we all know the stories of various syncophants in history that lack a backbone and sacrifice all moral fiber to serve their master with hopes of being rewarded for their efforts. Such is the case of South Carolina’s senior senator, Lindsey Graham, who seems content in life to play the role of John McCain’s shadow in both person and thought. It is a disgrace to the great state that gave us men like Francis Marion to have a shameless toady like Graham represent it in the United States Senate.

It is interesting that someone who claims to stand for fair trade and for drilling for oil in Alaska, has no problem being the chief surrogate for the man who tells us our jobs aren’t going back and nothing justifies drilling in a barren Alaskan wilderness. It is clear that no matter what difference Graham is supposed to feign for the consumption of South Carolina voters that the voter’s opinions are of secondary concern to that of John McCain’s. It also decries logic and intelligence as to why Graham would support abandoning this country to a Third World invasion and future except that John McCain told him it would be ok. With Senators such as these it is small wonder our Republic has lasted as long as it has.

Fortunately on June 10 South Carolinians have a choice and opportunity to allow Graham to spend full time with his maverik hero. By voting for Buddy Witherspoon the people of South Carolina can retire the man called by the American Spectator “the worst Republican Senator,” and have a true conservative representing South Carolina’s values. Anything less means 6 more years of representation from someone who cares more for the opinion of one man from Arizona instead of the entire state of South Carolina.