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New York Times Celebrates adoption of white baby by black NBA star. News Team

Of all children eligible for adoption, a staggering 46% are black. There are more black babies and children up for adoption than white, despite blacks making up only 13% of the population.

Despite the crisis of unwanted black orphans, black NFL star DeMarcus Ware and his wife, Taniqua, sought to adopt a white baby. The New York Times gleefully celebrated the bizarre adoption in their Sunday edition.

Why would a wealthy black celebrity go to all the trouble to adopt a white baby, ignoring the multitude of available babies of his own race?

Why would an adoption agency give a white baby to this bizarre black athlete, when thousands of white couples are desperately waiting in line for the opportunity? Obviously, his wealth has a lot to do with the decision.

Why is the life of a young baby girl being used for social experiment?

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