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SC CofCC Press Release on Lindsey Graham protests. News Team

CofCC leaders in South Carolina are working overtime to organize protests against US Sen. Lindsey Graham. This is something the have been wanting to do for the past two years, but Graham almost never makes public appearances.

A lot of different people are coming. We’ll be posting pictures of the Columbia protest Sunday morning!

Council of Conservative Citizens [CofCC] to protest public appearances by Sen. Lindsey Graham in three different cities June 7th, 8th, and 9th. A variety of conservative and populist organizations will be joining us in protesting.

Saturday, June 7th, Columbia, 5:00 PM, Sterling Garden Center
Sunday, June 8th, Mount Pleasant, 5:30 PM, Patriot’s Point
Monday, June 9th, Greenville, 5:00 PM, Greenville Drive Stadium

We will be protesting Lindsey Graham over his support for amnesty for illegal aliens and comments he made before the militant Chicano organization National Council of La Raza (“the Race”). Graham stated that those who oppose the amnesty bill are “bigots” who need to “shut up.” Polls show that a large majority of South Carolinians oppose amnesty for illegal aliens.

On May 15th, American Spectator Magazine named Lindsey Graham “Worst Republican Senator” for his animosity towards conservatives.

The CofCC urges South Carolinians to join us in protesting or call Lindsey Graham at 202-224-5972 and demand that he cease his support for amnesty.

1) On Feb 16, 2007 Lindsey Graham gave a speech and accepted an award from the National Council of La Raza [NCLA], which means National Council of the Race. It is a militant Chicano racial organization. Graham received an award for sponsoring the Ted Kennedy Senate Amnesty Bill which eventual failed.
2) During the speech, Graham states that those who oppose the Senate Amnesty bill are “bigots” who need to “shut up.” Polls have shown that the vast majority of all South Carolinians oppose Amnesty for illegal aliens.
3) During the speech Graham denigrates southerners by comparing people who speak with a southern accent to illegal aliens who do not speak English.
4) Spectator Magazine states that Graham “praises liberals, but reserves particular venom for conservatives who disagree with him.”
5) On May 26th, 2006 Lindsey Graham voted to give illegal aliens credit for Social Security benefits, despite Social Security being in major financial trouble to begin with.