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1% of all South African whites have been murdered since 1994. News Team

by Kyle Rogers

Photo Right: Marthie Potgieter grieves for her murdered parents.

About 1% of all the white people living in South Africa have been murdered since the end of Apartheid in 1994. The anti-white ANC government explicitly prohibits the police or any other government body from recording data about the races of crime victims and perpetrators. However, it is widely estimated that the number of white murder victims since 1994 has exceeded 40,000 or 1% of the entire population of white South Africans.

An elderly white couple is shot to death by blacks. The killers stole nothing, not even their gold necklaces that were in plain sight. They simply killed them, because they hate white people.

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A white woman is tortured, raped, and murdered by neighborhood blacks in her own home.

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In 1993, during the height of the anti-Apartheid movement, a group of black men stormed into a white church armed with military rifles and grenades. Their goal was to kill as many whites as possible. 11 were killed and 53 more were injured. The left-wing US and European media, which was screaming about imagined discrimination against blacks, completely ignored this slaughter. All eleven killed were white.

Some of the victims were members of the Russian Navy, who were attending the service as part of an outreach. With the media “spotlight” of South Africa at the time, this should have been a major international news story.

Most of the attackers were granted “amnesty” by the South African “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” and never punished. The ringleader, a local “Anzanian People’s Liberation Army” [APLA] warlord, served less than six years in jail.

In 1993 APLA’s chief commander, Sabelo Phama, in a television interview declared: “he would aim his guns at children – to hurt whites where it hurts most”

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Despite the Genocide against South African whites, the US government makes it extremely difficult for them to immigrate to the United States even though they tend to be well educated and skilled. Instead, tens of thousands of black Africans are granted asylum and refugee status to come to the United States each year. Examples include the stone-age Somalians who have unleashed an unprecedented crime wave in cities like Columbus, Ohio; not to mention the fact that millions of third worlders are allowed to enter the US illegally each year.

Left-wing Republican and illegal alien amnesty advocate Sen. Sam Brownback was asked by a CofCC member if he would support granting political asylum to white South Africans, since he is such a fan of immigration. Brownback replied that granting whites asylum would be a bad idea, because they “might bring racist attitudes to the United States.”