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A northern view of the Council of Conservative Citizens

Michigan CofCC

Occasionally when discussing the CofCC, or handing out literature, I am asked whether it is just a southern organization, or whether it is relevant to those whose ancestors either fought for the North, or perhaps those ancestors were not even in America in the 1860’s. It is my design to provide an answer to those and other questions.

The CofCC was founded by men and women whose political background was rooted in Traditional Conservatism, and a very strong Southern heritage. Traditional Conservatives did not shy away from issues regarding State Sovereignty, Race Relations, and very strong Traditional Christian Values. It is no secret that the Southern States have had hotbed issues revolving around the rights reserved for the states from the War of Northern Aggression up to the current day of trying to preserve true history and traditional family values and the right to honor ones ancestry: unashamed.

Thus, it is only natural that an organization that fights for these issues would be spearheaded by the Southrons in the beginning.

Regardless of wherever else you may live, it cannot be denied that the South has had to go above and beyond when it deals with race relations. Though slavery and segregation was just as recognized in the North, it is the south that must bear the cross of an entire nation from Jamestown to the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and beyond. Michael Grissom, in his book “Southern by the Grace of God” goes into great detail regarding this. When one thinks of Segregation, they think of Alabama, or Mississippi but certainly not Michigan, or Ohio. Though segregation was practiced widely, it is the South alone that must atone for America. Though riots were widespread by the ‘non-violent’ marchers, it is the riots in the south that gathered the major focus of bad press, not Chicago or Detroit. It is because of this, that the CofCC attracts many Southerners to its ranks. The other states have not had to bear constant ridicule and hatred for past policies.

The Confederate Flag is spread widely within the ranks of the CofCC. Let’s face it, there is no other American symbol so hated as the Battle Flag. Because it is the last flag to stand up for the rights of the States as declared under the 10th Amendment, it does hold a deeper meaning than the average person would imagine. It is this symbol that both rich and poor rallied to preserve a homeland. To preserve a way of life in American since it’s founding. There is no other symbol in America that speaks so much while waving silently. Though a symbol drawn from Scotland (St. Andrews Cross) it represents the last gasp of Americans in a struggle for the Rights of the States. It is more than a relic, it is a contemporary symbol for the same struggle: State Sovereignty.

The issue of State Sovereignty affects all 50 States. Perhaps one from New York, or Wisconsin may find the Battle flag a bit ‘outdated’, rest assured that the struggle that baptized it in fire and blood has not lost its importance as we deal with an out of control Federal Government who wants nothing more than to totally control not only every state, but every individual as well. Because of this fact, the flag is just as relevant today whether in California or Alabama.

When the Southern guns fell silent in the lost struggle for States Rights, we all lost. What was once referred to as ‘These’ United States of America, has been forceably changed to The’ United States of America. Think about it.

We face the same issues today: A Federal Government refusing to be bound by the chains of the Constitution. It is the Southern States that took a stand in 1861. Because of the flagrant violation of State Sovereignty, the Federal Government is now further expanding its desire for more power at the expense of its citizens by being a part of the United Nations, ‘Alphabet Soup’ Economic policies (NAFTA, CAFTA, etc), Trade Negotiations (WTO) and a host of other programs to plunge America into the Third World and snuff out the Light and the Glory under the dungheap of failed nations who have had no use for Biblical Principles and thereby bear the consequences. George Washington’s words in his farewell address seem to have fallen upon deaf ears when he warned against getting entangled into the affairs of other nations.

Though there is a cultural distinction that remains today between North and South, however, both citizens, regardless of state citizenship, share a dream of an America that will belong to the founding European stock and an unapologetic, unashamed population who will rise out of the ash heap of multiculturalism, and White Guilt. It is the CofCC which now stretches coast to coast and from the Gulf of Mexico through the northern borders and into Canada. It’s principles are centuries old and have never truly died. Though bloodied from time to time, those principles which we represent today, are those that are the epitome of a great nation.

The South fired the shots in 1861 which began the struggle for Independence again. The battlefield is no longer isolated to a few states, but now a battle is raging in every state. Yea, it is a national struggle as well. You are a citizen of a state, and a citizen of America.

It is now time for all of us to take a public, unapologetic stand for the traditional values that made America a beacon of hope in its past.

Isn’t it time for you personally to take the step across the line and join the ranks of those patriots who still feel the call and responsibility to provide a future for their children in America?
The contest is not over, the strife is not ended. It has only entered upon a new and enlarged arena. The champions of constitutional liberty must spring to the struggle, like armed men from the seminated dragon’s teeth, until the government of the United States is brought back to its constitutional limits, and the tyrant’s plea of “necessity” is bound in chains strong as adamant:

For Freedom’s battle once begun,
Bequeathed by bleeding sire to son,
Though baffled oft, is ever won.

President Jefferson Davis

“I always knew that once we got the Yankees on board, we’d have a chance”

Maj. Robert Patterson, founder Citizens Councils 1955