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Another Mixed-Race Love Story Ends Violently.

Murder suspect

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This is the ideal “family” portrait the liberal establishment shoves on a nation of colorblind livestock. So what is wrong with this happy picture? The mother and two children are DEAD! All three were murdered, and guess who the prime suspect is?

Orlando Maurice Guarino, 38, was arrested by police in Pennsylvania and charged with the murders of his estranged wife, Ashley, 22, and his two young children, Dreux and Orlando. According to witnesses, Guarino threatened to kidnap and murder his family if Ashley dumped him. Gurarino was under a temporary restraining order to stay away from Ashley, but that apparently did not influence his subsequent actions.

Guarino had a history of criminal activity, including a two-year stint in the Washington (PA) County jail on a drug charge. Perhaps his “bad boy” past combined with his murky ethnic background thrilled and infatuated his racially retarded wife. The thrill is gone, and Ashley has joined the Nicole Simpson sisterhood. “Othello” should be required reading for white girls.