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AP-Yahoo Poll: White people find little "excitement" in Obama or McCain. News Team

“With two candidates competing over who will benefit racial minorities, special interests, and foreign nations the most, ordinary white people feel like they don’t have a dog in the fight.” – CofCC CEO Gordon L. Baum

AP-Yahoo poll reflects what the CofCC has been saying for months. Neither presidential candidate is providing much comfort for white people.

According to the poll, 49% of blacks are “excited” about the election, compared to only 16% of whites.

From Poll…

Whites who say they are not excited by the campaign back Republican John McCain by a 2-to-1 margin. Whites who say the election is exciting lean toward Democrat Barack Obama, by 2-to-1.

Independents are more bored with the campaign than any other group of people _ 28 percent of them say so. They are also the angriest, with 24 percent saying they feel that way. McCain backers not sure they’ll support him are most frustrated, 57 percent, and feel the most helpless, 37 percent.

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