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Bejing ethnically cleans up for Olympics


The Olympics has meant displacement and a loss of revenue. And of course there are more and more foreigners on the streets, which is also annoying in this patriotic capital of a very patriotic land.

For foreigners living and working in Beijing, the Olympics are also a nightmare. Visa restrictions and residence permits are more stringent than they have ever been, and the reliable path of “connections” has been shut down in Beijing by zealous cops. Hundreds of foreigners have had to leave the country, with some going as far as their home country, in order to gain an expensive visa that lasts half the time it would have a year ago. If you are a white Westerner, it can be annoying but tolerable.

If you are black, then the restrictions are downright nasty. Several raids in the San Li Tun bar area of Beijing have resulted in mass deportations for Nigerian drug dealers and their innocent brethren. Black Americans face intense scrutiny, as do Arabs and other “undesirable” barbarians from afar.

For foreign companies sponsoring the Olympics, it has also become a large headache. China may be one of the fastest growing economies in the world, but it is also one of the most corrupt. It is standard practice to fleece the outsider

Bar owners are also gritting their teeth. PSB officials went around to visit the bars over the past few months and suggested to the owners that serving Mongolians, Russians, Tibetans, and blacks would not be in their interests.

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