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Black MMA fighter under arrest. Disgraces UFC. News Team

He was the first black MMA champion fighter in the UFC. Now he’s under arrest.

Just one week after losing his title, “Rampage” Jackson was arrested at gunpoint for two hit and runs and fleeing from police. Jackson led police officers on a high-speed pursuit through the Californian suburbs from Costa Mesa to Newport Beach. Jackson started out as the only black fighter in PRIDE, a Japanese mixed martial arts circuit, where he was billed as a “homeless man.”

When UFC became very popular, Jackson crossed over to the UFC circuit. He won the light heavyweight title last year, but lost it to Forrest Griffin last weekend.

MMA had largely been referred to as a “white guy sport” in the United States, until a multi-national contingent of athletes from around the world became involved after UFC exploded in popularity. Many of the new people crossed over from PRIDE. Brazilians of various racial makeup play a large role in the UFC today.