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Black mob attacks white family at amusement park. News Team

White family victim of horrifying racially motivated assault. Local media omits all references to race.

It was a horrify ordeal for a family of three in Minnesota. First a black thug sexual assaults a 12 year old white girl. Her father chases they attacker away. The attacker comes back with a mob of black thugs and attacks the father.

The father is badly injured. After being knocked down, eight thugs take turns kicking him in the head.

From Star Tribune…

Eight males took turns stomping and kicking the head of a father who had yelled at one of them minutes earlier for hitting his daughter’s buttocks at Valleyfair, according to assault charges filed in Scott County District Court.

The attack happened about midnight on July 4 after the father confronted two men who touched his 12-year-old daughter. The 41-year-old father’s wife heard one of the men use his cell phone to say “he needed his boys over here,” the charges said. The wife said a minute later several men arrived and assaulted her husband inside the exit of the amusement park, despite efforts by her and several female relatives to help him. He was knocked unconscious.

Fair security couldn’t control the group but helped Shakopee police arrest seven of them. The eighth fled. Six men and a 14-year-old boy were jailed and charged July 8 with third-degree assault.

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