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Black serial killers. News Team

According to the Department of Justice. Blacks are 7 times more likely to commit murder than others Americans. They are 3 times more likely to commit murder than Hispanics, 4 times more likely than American Indians, 9 times more likely than whites, and 10 times more likely than Orientals.

While the vast majority of murders commit by blacks are “spur of the moment” killings, a disproportionate number of blacks also become serial killers.

However, the American media would give the impression that there is no such thing as a black “serial killer.” In fact numerous television shows and so-called news shows have even made specific claims that “all serial killers are white.”

He are some of the serial killers that the US media has deliberately concealed from the public eye.

[youtube SSi9datNVo8]

Lets not forget the recent “DC Sniper.” That turned out to be a former member of Louis Farrakhan’s “Fruit of Islam” rent-a-cop service, who served as Farrakhan’s personal bodyguard at the Million Man March! His accomplice was an underage illegal alien from Jamaica, with whom he was most likely having a homosexual relationship. After they were arrested they told the authorities that they hoped to instigate a genocidal holocaust in which only racially pure blacks would survive. However, you never heard about that part. As soon as two blacks were arrested, it went from #1 national news story to completely censored and blotted out.

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