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Boyfriend murders police officer. News Team

Another white female / black male match up ends in someone’s death.

Police officer dies saving life of killers’ girlfriend.

From Fort Myers News…

Andrew Widman, a police officer with the Fort Myers Police Department, was shot and killed Friday morning. NBC2 spoke with the suspect’s girlfriend to hear what she had to say about the shooting.

Tercotte’s uncontrollable tears Friday evening told an unfathomable story – one of devastating loss from a senseless act of violence and one she calls a lose-lose situation for everybody.

“She has lost the father of her child. She has lost an individual who saved her life,” said Tercotte’s attorney Steve Leskovich.

Tercotte calls Officer Andrew Widman a hero. She says Arango would have killed her if he didn’t step in.

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Dating black men is not glamorous and hip, like the Spark Network ads on Myspace portray it. Black men are 8.4 times more likely to commit “femicide,” the murder a wife or girlfriend, than white men.

According to the Journal of Issues in Nursing Vol 7, No. 1, “femicide” is the#1 cause of premature death among black women aged 15 to 44. Non-fatal battery is the number one cause of health problems among young black women, and contributes to much higher rates of long term disabling injuries and conditions among young black women.