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China orders Beijing bars not to serve blacks and Mongolians during Olympics. News Team

The following story was also reported in the Hong Kong based South China Morning Post, China’s largest English paper.

China is cracking down for the 2008 Olympics. A wide array of prohibitions for the duration of the Olympics are being handed down. For safety reasons, Chinese bars are being ordered not to serve blacks or Mongolians.

From AsiaNews…

Bar owners around the Workers’ Stadium in downtown Beijing say that public security officials are telling them not to let in “blacks” and Mongolians, and many of them have even had to sign a pledge. The official reason is the fight against drugs and prostitution, dominated in the past by Mongolians and persons of colour. Moreover, public places must close by 2 a.m., for security reasons, and the bar owners are being asked to remind their clients that they must always have an identification document with them. There is even doubt over whether the bars within a radius of two kilometres from the Olympic buildings will be able operate, or whether they will have to shut down for the entire period. In some areas, tables are not permitted outside, because “the presence of too many foreigners gathered outside could create problems”. There is also an attempt to shut down outdoor musical concerts, to prevent disorder.

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