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Cincinnati Police forced to serve as butlers for NAACP Conference. News Team

The city of Cincinnati forced it’s police to serve as luggage carriers and chauffeurs for NAACP at their annual conference. All at taxpayers expense.

From Cincinnati Enquirer…

Cincinnati police got a standing ovation at the end of last week’s NAACP convention for a reason: officers were told to do everything reasonably possible to ensure the guests a good time.

That included carrying luggage, carrying handicapped people up steps and into the Barack Obama speech at the Duke Energy Convention Center so they could avoid waiting in the heat and driving hungry people in police vehicles to get fast food in Northern Kentucky after Cincinnati’s restaurants closed.

Dozens of officers worked the convention on duty and on overtime.

“We told them this is the easiest duty you’re going to have,” said Lt. Col. James Whalen, the assistant chief who supervises the patrol bureau. “Just smile, be nice to people.

“Anything that was even remotely reasonable that we could handle for a guest, we did it.”

Officers were given those instructions at roll call before every shift.

At one, Whalen said, a supervisor asked any officers to confess if they were in a bad mood so he could assign them elsewhere.

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