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Citizens ponder their fate about the upcoming election News Team…

In a New York Times June 29th op-ed, “Anxious in America”, Thomas Friedman mulled over America’s accelerating dilemmas in Iraq, national debt and who might become the next president. Either choice scares the daylights out of Americans on both sides. Neither candidate understands average citizens’ dilemmas in their jobs, communities or schools. Neither addresses what happens in the trenches of America.

Both Obama and McCain voted to give amnesty to 20-30 million illegal aliens in 2007—without any understanding of the $3 trillion price tag or demographic impact. Both men did nothing and do nothing to stop illegal alien migration at over one million annually. Neither man supports any kind of a plan to secure our nation’s borders. Both men continued voting for insourcing, outsourcing and offshoring of American manufacturing jobs. Both crippled Americans with their votes in the U.S. Senate as to our national debt, $700 billion annual trade deficit, and no action on 400,000 annual anchor babies gaining immediate citizenship and welfare. Both men continued the taxpayer burden of educating millions of illegal alien children along with billions for health care. Neither man spoke up for American citizens as to jobs being stolen or wages degraded.

Mortgage felony crimes extensive and numerous: our banks and other lenders gave away fraudulent loans to millions of illegal aliens. American taxpayers make up the losses. Remember the S & L scandals? Who paid? You paid! Instead of spending $12 billion a month building Iraq and Afghanistan, isn’t it time to rebuild America? How about our families, our communities, our roads, our infrastructure, our jobs and our citizens? What does that mean to anxious Americans? Simple answer: our politicians do not work for us, do not serve us, do not represent us and they stand totally out of touch with us.

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