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CofCC in the news in Alabama! News Team

The SPLC “Poverty Pimps” are at it again. Recruiting newspapers to give the CofCC free publicity!

The CofCC is being mentioned all over Alabama television and print media today, because of our 2008 CofCC National Conference.

From Anniston Star…

State Sen. Charles Bishop, R-Jasper, spoke to the Council of Conservative Citizens’ leadership conference on June 21 in Sheffield in northwest Alabama.

“This is an openly white supremacist group,” said Mark Potok, director of the law center’s Intelligence Project. The project tracks hate groups and publishes a nationwide report on the groups each year, including the Council of Conservative Citizens.

Bishop said the law center is extremely liberal and he’s not worried about the criticism.

“I’m really going to lose some sleep about that,” he said mockingly.

Bishop said his remarks weren’t racist and they were similar to speeches he’s given to other groups.

“I’d have said the same thing speaking in Montgomery,” he said.

Bishop was invited by one of his constituents, Leonard Wilson of Townley, who’s a founder of the council and is the state commander for the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Like Bishop, Wilson brushes off the law center’s criticism.

“Anybody they disagree with they label racists,” Wilson said in an interview Tuesday.

Bishop is a three-term senator, a former state agriculture commissioner and a former member of Gov. Bob Riley’s Cabinet. He gained international attention in June 2007 when he was captured on video punching a fellow senator in the head during a disagreement in the Senate chamber.

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