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Dallas Housing Authority to move blacks into white neighborhoods at taxpayer expense. News Team

Thousand of blacks, much of whom will be felons and drug addicts, will be relocated to “predominantly white neighborhoods” using money from the taxpayers.

A Federal Judge has ordered the Dallas Housing Authority to help blacks move out of “high crime slums.” (And just why were the areas high crime slums to begin with?).

The Dallas Housing Authority is seeking 2,305 black applicants who want to receive money looted from the taxpayers to live in a white neighborhood.

From Dallas News…

The Dallas Housing Authority soon will begin accepting applications for court-ordered rental assistance available to black residents who want to live in predominantly white neighborhoods.

The DHA is required to offer the vouchers only to blacks as part of a court settlement to address past discrimination. And the agency could not find enough takers on its general waiting list for rent assistance, which includes 8,000 applicants of all races.
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Dallas Housing Authority stops taking applications for public housing

Applications will be accepted only online Aug. 11-17. The general waiting list for rental vouchers remains closed.

The DHA, which has received 3,205 of the special court-ordered vouchers in all, must distribute 500 remaining vouchers by the end of the year. The rent vouchers pay part of a family’s rent, based on its income.

Ann Lott, president and chief executive officer of the Dallas Housing Authority, said the new waiting list will speed the process by attracting new applicants who want to live in predominantly white areas.

The DHA must distribute the vouchers by the end of the year.

“With this waiting list, we’ll have a list of applicants who want to move to the court-targeted areas,” Ms. Lott said.

The agency received the vouchers as part of a settlement designed to help black families move out of segregated, high-crime, high-poverty neighborhoods. A federal judge ruled in 1995 that the DHA’s public housing program forced blacks to live in segregated slums.

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