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Dangerous rhetoric on race from blacks and Democrats.

Publication of the Philadelphia Church of God.

An African-American could be elected president of the United States, and Howard Dean’s loudest scream is still about white racism. He is putting his party ahead of America, and we are going to suffer as a result of it.

The Issue We Fear to Face

Barack Obama has what appears to be a beautiful family. He is eloquent in a warm and friendly way. He has many traits that would make any father proud. Mr. Obama has come a long way from his difficult childhood.

The big question that many people want to know is this: Is he qualified to lead what is called the world’s number-one superpower today in the most dangerous times ever on this planet?

We never take sides in politics. But we have the responsibility to warn our nation of any serious danger.

Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s pastor for 20 years, has made numerous inflammatory and racist statements. Yet, Mr. Obama, who has given little explanation for his close association with Mr. Wright, continues to enjoy tremendous support among Democrats. He has now won the Democratic nomination.

This presidential election is different than any other. It is revealing a lot of racism in America. But here is the hidden danger: It is also inflaming more racism as it continues.

Just where is it leading?

Mr. Obama has also been friendly with William Ayers, a white American terrorist who escaped prosecution on a technicality and now teaches at the University of Chicago. What is wrong with our educational system? Our top educators routinely let men such as this terrorist teach our children! How condemning of our higher education today.

Our political system is afflicted with the same disease. Howard Dean, a white man and the chairman of the Democratic Party, recently said that if you even bring up the issue of Jeremiah Wright, then you are a racist! In other words, if you even bring up Barack Obama’s extremely close ties with a racist pastor for 20 years, that means you are a racist! I’m sure he must know that warped reasoning is wrong. But he still says it, even though he knows that issue is going to be brought up often in the presidential campaign. And it is going to cause more bitterness and hatred between the white and black races!

How damaging will such explosive rhetoric be to other black congregations like Jeremiah Wright’s church? Or other black organizations with similar views? Are we unaware of how incendiary such comments can be?

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