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Foster parents brutally murder three year old. News Team

A three year old child was savagely beaten and murdered by black “foster parents.”

According to the New York Daily News, the couple had four of their own kids who were taken away by authorities in Texas. However, they somehow wound up in Brooklyn raising a foster child.

From New York Daily News…

The heartless foster parents charged in the slaying of 3-year-old Kyle Smith told cops it was all the little boy’s fault – and that they thought he was faking it.

Nymeen Cheatham and boyfriend Lamar Martin waited until it was too late before calling 911, prosecutors said at their arraignment Tuesday.

“That child had been dead for at least five hours before the 911 call,” Assistant District Attorney Catherine Dagonese told a judge.

“Not a part of his body spared … this child was beaten to a pulp,” she said.

Bruises covered everything from the bridge of his nose to the bottom of his toes, the top of his ankles, legs, arms, hands, back, buttocks, shoulders, everywhere, sources said.

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