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Government stockpiles millions of plastic coffins.

(by Kyle Rogers)

Various agencies of the Federal Government maintain a stockpile of millions of polypropylene Polyguard Vault plastic “vaults.” A Georgia newspaper recently described them as “body containers,” and said they would be used in the event of a biological terrorist attack, or natural outbreak. One stockpile in Georgia is so vast it can be seen on satellite photos. About 500,000 of the plastic coffins are held at this location. (see video below)

There are two stockpiles in Georgia and at least one each in Texas and Wyoming. Some people see this as an indication that the government knows something they are not telling the public. I think it is more probable that it is just another massive waste of the taxpayers’ money, much like everything else the government does.

Funny how the feds can claim they can’t afford to protect our border, but they can afford these stockpiles of “body containers.” The least they could do is line the stacks of plastic coffins along our Southern Border and make a Polyguard Vault “coffin wall” to keep illegals out.

[youtube jeqjykY5wPk]