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HIV+ African immigrant in aggravated sexual assault against 12 year old boy. News Team

Canada sees the results of an immigration policy that allows HIV+ immigrants.

A HIV+ Sudanese immigrant plied boys as young as 12 with beer and drugs, then sexually assaulted them according to prosecutors.

From Winnipeg Sun…

At trial, the victims — one as young as 12 years of age — testified Mabior plied them with booze and drugs and engaged in repeated acts of unprotected sex without ever disclosing he was HIV-positive.

“He knowingly withheld that information from his sexual partners on the basis that in all likelihood they would not have engaged in sexual contact with him,” said McKelvey in a written decision released yesterday.

McKelvey called Mabior a sexual predator who preyed upon young, vulnerable victims.

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Sen. John Kerry is hoping to pass an amendment to the “Global AIDS Bill,” that will remove visa restrictions against those with HIV and allow HIV+ to immigrate to the United States and receive care in US hospitals at taxpayer expense.