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Honor student shot by blacks thugs. News Team

(by Kyle Rogers)

St. Louis is over half black. Because of “white flight” the city has imploded from 850,000 in the 50’s to 350,000 today. The city is one of the top ten most violent cities in America with over 100,000 people. East St. Louis has plummetted from 80,000 to 30,000 and is now 98% black. East St. Louis easily has one of the highest rape and murder rate in the Western Hemispher! East St. Louis and Opa-locka, Florida are considered to be the two most dangerous high crime cities in the United States. They do not appear on most violent crime lists because they are so small. Opa-locka has only about 15,000 people. Both cities are almost 100% non-white. With Opa-locka being aboyr 70% black and 27% Mestizo/Hispanic.

Largely aided by public transportation, black thugs have been committing violent attacks furthur and further outside of their usual territory. The victims are increasingly white.

A beautiful 15 year old honor student was shot by two black thugs on a crime spree in Florissant, MO. The thugs are suspected of committing other crimes the same night. However, they decided to shoot the young girl in the chest. Most likely because they simply wanted to kill a white person. She remains in the hospital in critical condition. Florissant is near St. Louis.

The St. Louis Metro CofCC chapter has been reporting a huge increase in aggressive and violent behavior directed at white people by blacks over the past year. CEO Gordon Baum, who is located near St. Louis, believes that the Obama campaign is linked to the rise in open hostility against white people. In restaurants and taverns phrases like “when Obama gets in, we is taking over” are being uttered.

Earlier this year In Kirkwood, located near St. Louis, a black spree killer murdered five whites and injured two others. The victims included the mayor, city officials, and city police. The killer had a history of attending city meetings, becoming hostile, and going on anti-white verbal tirades. The NAACP and family members actually defended the vicious killer, blaming white “racism” for causing him to commit five murders.

At a meeting in Meacham Park, a majority black part of Kirkwood, black residents actually cheered and applauded for the ruthless cold blooded killer. A black man running for alderman threaten more violence against white to the media.

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