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Immigration brings massive crime wave to peaceful Ireland. News Team

In a recent poll in Ireland, 65% said they agree with the statement, “much stricter limits on the numbers of foreigners coming into Ireland.” A majority of Irish said they want stricter limits across all class and political lines.

Third World immigration is widely sited as the reason for rising anti-EU sentiment in Ireland. All three of Ireland’s largest Sunday papers publicly admitted that immigration was the main reason for the rejection of the Lisbon treaty by the Irish.

Fact about foreigners in Ireland.

  1. 11% of Ireland is now non-Irish.
  2. About 6% are Europeans from EU member countries.
  3. About 5% are third worlders.
  4. Non-European Foreigners make up 25% of the prison population.
  5. Africans make up .8% of Ireland, but 5.7% of the prison population.
  6. Foreigners are 8 times more likely to file fraudulent child benefit claims.
  7. Sexually transmitted diseases have skyrocketed in Ireland over the past five years.
  8. Foreigners have brought a 300% increase in HIV to Northern Ireland.
  9. 42% of new HIV cases in Ireland were among Africans in 2006.

Immigration Control Platform of Ireland.