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Joe Horn cleared by Grand Jury! News Team

Joe “Neighbor of the Year” Horn was cleared by a Texas Grand Jury in the self-defense killing of two illegal alien who were burglarizing a neighbors’ house.

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Local black race hustler, and convicted drug dealer, “Quanell X” is a leader of a radical Nation of Islam splinter group called the “New Black Panther Party.” His group, which claims all white people will be killed in a future race war, is vowing a second protest in front of Joe Horn’s house.

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See how white people stood up to Quanell X the first time he came to town.

[youtube TEZ9s0ZBAu8]

See what the “New Black Panther Party” really preaches behind closed doors. Here is first NBPP leader Khallid Muhammad speaking to a packed black mosque in Los Angeles in 1996. Muhammad died of a brain hemorrhage in 2001. Al Sharpton gave $10,000 of his own money to pay for Khallid Mohammed’s funeral.

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