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Judge revokes bond for Detroit Mayor.


Wayne County Judge Ronald Giles has revoked Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s previous bond and ordered random drug screening on Friday based on testimony from two detectives in the accusations that Kilpatrick assaulted Detective Brian White.

Giles’ ruling came after the two investigators with the county prosecutor’s office testified an irate Kilpatrick launched into a profanity-laced tirade and shoved one of them as they tried to serve the subpoena to Detroit businessman Bobby Ferguson on Thursday.

Kilpatrick was ordered to undergo random drug testing and no longer is permitted any personal travel outside Michigan, nor can he travel on business outside the state without the court’s approval.

White pointed out Kilpatrick for the court that he is the one that threw him.

“Was the defendant the one who said those things to you?”, Moran asked “Yes,” White answered.

“Was the defendant the one that threw you?”, Moran asked “Yes,” White answered.

White said Kilpatrick continued to scream profanities at him and said, “Get the (expletive) out of here. Leave my (expletive) family alone. Get off my (expletive) porch.”

White said he and his partner left the home at that time.

Kilpatrick’s attorney Jim Thomas questioned White about his emotions at the time of the incident and wanted him to clarify how he was “pushed”.

White said he was hurled into the air and had x-rays taken at a local hospital and might have suffered a minor hip fracture because of the assault.

White’s partner Kinney, a black woman corroborated with her partner’s testimony and said that Kilpatrick harassed her and criticized her for working with White, who is white.

White’s testimony including the statements that Kilpatrick asked her, “How can you be a black woman and be on this case? You shouldn’t even be riding in a car with him, with a last name of White.”

“`You should be ashamed of yourself,”‘ Kinney quoted Kilpatrick as saying. “`Why are you a part of this?”‘